Hazardous Liquid Waste Disposal


Maratek Environmental offers solvent waste disposal and recycling services for both hazardous and non hazardous solvent waste. 


Maratek Environmental offers recycling and filtration options to treat your wastewater. Meeting ministry regulations, you can save on disposal and processing fees with these services.


Maratek provides drum and pail waste disposal recycling services that manage hazardous and non-hazardous waste in a drum or pail container.


Maratek Vacuum Truck Services will collect, transport, filter, and dispose of hazardous liquid and sludge.


 Maratek's team safely removes and disposes of unwanted materials. we offer both one-time services and regularly scheduled services. Pack your hazardous waste materials safely and efficiently!


Let us take care of the paperwork with an operational waste audit. With one simple survey determining your waste streams, we turn it into a detailed report of what is in your waste streams and what is being thrown in the trash.

Our Hazardous Waste and Chemical Waste Disposal Options

Maratek Environmental provides a variety of disposal and recycling options for your waste streams, allowing us to account for every detail with an unparalleled level of compliance assurance. Our environmentally-secure processes and treatment technologies meet or exceed regulatory guidelines, providing total regulatory compliance and reduced liability.

We will create a custom waste disposal plan that meets your organization’s objectives and requirements while providing total regulatory compliance and reduced liability.

Maratek waste disposal options include:

Solvent waste recycling & disposal

Maratek will pick up your liquid waste and waste solvents and bring it back to our hazardous liquid recycling facility in Bolton, Ontario.

Your solvent is tested, segregated from other companies’ solvents and run as an isolated batch through our solvent distillation technology. The resulting recycled product will be of virgin quality and will be available for re-purchase at a fraction of the cost of virgin solvent prices.

You’ll save money, improve your environmental stewardship with no additional effort or upfront costs on your part.

The residues from the solvent recycling processes (along with various organic waste) which cannot be economically recycled, are processed by Maratek into liquid fuel products to replace, for example, fossil fuels for cement kilns. We also offer a competitive waste solvent acquisition service to obtain used solvents for recycling. These are then sold back into the world market via a wide range of outlets.

Water waste recycling & disposal

Manufacturing facilities and businesses adhere to stringent regulations ensuring municipal laws are strictly followed and wastewater is properly processed or managed by a certified hazardous waste management company. These precautions are taken to safeguard our communities water supply and most importantly the health and wellbeing of our neighbours.

Maratek can help any business assess, manage, recycle and dispose of any water-based waste. Whether you require an in house system to process and filter water waste to generate effluent that can be re-introduced into the city sewage system or to simply take away your water based waste, Maratek Environmental has the experience to identify and implement the best solution for your organization.

Drum and pail waste recycling & disposal

Maratek Environmental's drum waste disposal services ensure we take care of your drum waste in a cost effective and safe manner.

We can look after hazardous or non-hazardous containerized waste ranging from a few ounces to 55-gallon drums, 275 gallon totes, and even up to cubic yard size containers. We will efficiently collect and properly dispose of your drum waste using our Bolton, Ontario plant disposal services - with full governmental compliance.

We work with hundreds of large and small quantity drum waste generators across Ontario. We offer regular drum waste pickups to ensure you ship within your regulatory guidelines and stay in full governmental compliance.


Maratek Environmental’s professional team of onsite technicians will assist in lab pack disposal that involves identifying, categorizing, and organizing all like items into containers which are typically 55 gallons drums. They will ensure each type of chemical, solvent, acid, base, and any other material are properly handled in a safe and secure manner. This alleviates any guess work and danger from clients mishandling and potentially cross contaminating materials that could cause a deadly reaction.

Vacuum truck service

Maratek Environmental can support operations that require regularly scheduled or onetime vacuum truck needs. We have the equipment, experience, and professionally trained technicians to deliver safe and prompt service. Our capabilities include pumping out wastewater, chemicals, solvents, paints, oils, and many other materials.

Operational waste audit

Maratek Environmental is proud of its long history of reducing client’s environmental footprint. Assessing current waste processes, understanding opportunities to reduce redundant work, and exploring areas for recycling, Maratek can help any organization improve their operational procedures while looking to reduce cost and environmental footprint.

MaraSolve is helping JF Moore to dramatically reduce it’s new solvent purchases, and the concept of purchasing back our own recycled waste solvent fits our corporate environmental objectives.

Frank Pantaleo
JF Moore Lithographers, VP Operations

Maratek’s recycled blanket wash has helped Quebecor to stabilize and improve solvent costs without jeopardizing quality.

Dennis Wilkins
Quebecor World, National Purchasing Manager

Excellent customer service!!

Swedish Door

We have been working with Maratek now for just over a year and it has been absolutely seamless and professional. We highly recommend their company, products and services. Our day-to-day contact Ray Ongjoco – Regional Sales Manager is always quick to respond to our needs and immediately gets back to us with action at his end. The delivery crew & personnel that we have dealt with to date have always been friendly, responsive and co-operative with all our staff. What more can you ask for? A big “Thank You” to Ray and the Maratek team!

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Liquid Waste Disposal Services

We collect, treat and disposes of liquid solvent waste as well as various industrial waste, hazardous and dangerous waste, bulk products or packaged in containers, drums or bins.

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