Medical X-Ray Film Recycling & Disposal

Medical X-Ray Film Silver Recycling & Recovery Services

Maratek Environmental is the leading Canadian Recycling firm specializing in silver recovery, silver recycling and the refining of silver. We offer a full-service silver film recycling service for medical X-ray film while providing security, insurance, and confidentiality.


We buy bulk scrap silver medical X-ray film from hospitals, clinics, dentists, labs and educational institutions. All types of processed or unprocessed medical X-ray film, even if it's in a medical envelope and with cardboard masking.

Maratek Environmental offers full service medical X-ray purging to avoid any security or confidentiality concerns. We are constantly working with large regional hospitals, private clinics and sensitive establishments who trust Maratek for full security, confidentiality and process transparency. We work with very large teaching hospitals, regional health care centres and universities to small local-based
X-ray Clinics, Veterinarians, Dentists and Chiropractors.


Medical X-Ray Film Handling Security and Confidentiality

Maratek Environmental follows a meticulous process when dealing with medical X-ray film that is to be purged, transported, destroyed and recycled, and guarantees confidentiality for all of our clients in all projects. We are fully bonded, for total peace of mind.

While security, confidentiality and compliance are the first priorities, we also provide, competitive and accurate payments for small to large volumes of medical and X-ray film.

If required, we can provide our easily transportable drums to facilitate your X-ray purging process. We can pick-up and transport the film from your location ensuring with utmost attention that each project is documented and securely transported back to our recycling facility. All items are inspected, graded, weighed and sorted in order to prepare payment and a record of destruction if required.

Medical X-Ray Film Disposal FAQ


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