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Maratek Lab Pack Services That Save You Time

Unused or spent hazardous chemicals need to be disposed of properly. They have major impacts on the environment and can pose potential risks if accidentally mixed together, leak into the ground, or contaminate an environment that would cause a safety hazard. We’re here to solve that problem for you with Maratek Lab Pack Services.

The strict municipal, provincial, and federal regulations for storing, packaging, transporting, then disposing of these hazardous chemicals make it difficult for companies and organizations to get rid of them on their own. 

Maratek's team of specialists runs through the waste disposal process for you. If you are a commercial, institutional, or industrial organization that has manufacturing processes, maintenance, or laboratories on-site that generate and create hazardous and harmful chemicals.

Lab Pack Service Trucks

 Maratek provides services that safely remove and disposes of unwanted materials. We offer one-time services or regularly scheduled services.


Our team of professionals makes it easy for you to pack your hazardous waste materials safely and efficiently.

How Maratek Solves Your Challenges

  • Maratek technicians will separate your lab waste streams

  • Label and package all the lab wastes

  • Removal and transportation of waste: Our technicians will package your lab waste in sealed, puncture-resistant,
          leakproof containers, then safely transport them to our facility for a safe disposal or treatment process

  • Maratek will classify your waste with a focus on the applicable provincial and federal regulations to determine the best
          treatments and processes for disposal.

Our Industries

Paint Coatings & Finishing

We provide Coatings and Paint industries with on-site recycling that could reduce solvent purchases by as much as 95%, as well as dramatically reduce quantities of hazardous waste. Maratek Environment provides services to recycle and reuse paints, thinners, gun washes and much more! Request a solvent recycling trial and a quote.

Printing and Ink

The Printing industry is a market segment that heavily depends on solvents for cleaning. Liquid solvents and liquid soaked wipers can be difficult to dispose. Maratek Environmental can establish a solvent waste management service for your printing business to ensure proper solvent processing and disposal at our location.

Automotive & Heavy Equipment

Maratek has experience helping Automotive and Heavy Equipment paint and service shops, properly process and recover wastes such as solvents and oils. Our experts can design a pick-up and disposal process that will reclaim valuable chemicals and safely dispose of residuals in our licensed facility. Get in touch for a waste disposal quote.

Kitchen Cabinetry & Millwork

Solvent waste generated in furniture finishing processes can be recycled and reused. Maratek provides a full service to the Furniture and Woodworking sector to process and dispose of liquid wastes. No business is too small so contact us for waste drum disposal services.

Aerospace and Marine

Transportation industries such as Aerospace and Marine, all generate solvent and oil wastes that need to be properly recycled or disposed of. Maratek offers full service pick-up of waste drums for processing at our facility. Get a quote today.


Maratek’s environmental consultants are ready to discuss recycling and disposal solutions for hazardous and non-hazardous liquid wastes produced by the Pharmaceutical industry, in manufacturing processes, equipment cleaning, and laboratory wastes.

Equipment, Products & Supplies

Maratek is an award-winning industry leader in solvent recycling and recovery. We specialize in the manufacturing of custom and off-the-shelf equipment that can help your organization recover and re-use solvents and save costs. If you are interested in taking solvent recycling into your operation visit our equipment website to learn more.

We also have solvents available to purchase, recycled at our fully licensed facility and processed to a high quality purity, or contact us about purchasing solvent recovery bags for your recycling operations.

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