Operational Waste Audit

Operational Waste Audit that Saves Time and Money

What does your waste say about you? An operational waste audit reveals a lot about your business. You could be producing toxic and hazardous waste that affects the environment around you.

There could be a substitute solvent that you could be using that is more cost-effective and safer for your employees to use.

A waste audit can tell you how to maximize your success and improve the way your operations and programs are run.

Let’s start with what a waste audit is:
A waste audit is a survey that collects information about a facility’s waste streams. It is then turned into a detailed report of what Is in the waste and verifies exactly what is being thrown in the trash and if there is value in what you are tossing.


Maratek offers a complimentary solvent recovery trial of your solvent waste stream to determine the viability for recycling, or to recommend waste disposal or processing for your business

There are many major benefits to a waste audit.

  • There will no longer be confusion about the effectiveness of your operations. You will be able to tell exactly what is working and not working with the way you are currently recycling and disposing of your waste with your waste management program.

  • You can keep up with regulatory compliance and reports by completing a waste audit: Some data is required for certain reporting so that you are in regularly compliance. You can also provide these reports to your clients or customers.

  • You could start measuring your success based off audits: An audit can help set annual benchmarks allowing you to better understand the effectiveness of the program. If you’re looking to make an impact on the environment, you could cut the number of recyclables you are throwing out, and instead send them to a recycling center.

    • You can better meet certification standards: A waste audit can show you whether you are meeting your municipal, provincial, or federal certification standards when you know exactly what is being thrown out and where it is going. This can help your organization gain authority in the long run as you are able to say you’ve kept up a certain standard of waste removal.

    • They can save you money: Waste audits identify exactly where your waste revenue is going and if there are potential savings to be made. By reducing and reusing what you would normally throw out, you could save on disposal fee’s (hauling) and find waste that could instead be recycled. It can save you space and time by understanding what takes up the most room and the most volume of your waste hauls.

      Our Industries

      Paint Coatings & Finishing

      We provide Coatings and Paint industries with on-site recycling that could reduce solvent purchases by as much as 95%, as well as dramatically reduce quantities of hazardous waste. Maratek Environment provides services to recycle and reuse paints, thinners, gun washes and much more! Request a solvent recycling trial and a quote.

      Printing and Ink

      The Printing industry is a market segment that heavily depends on solvents for cleaning. Liquid solvents and liquid soaked wipers can be difficult to dispose. Maratek Environmental can establish a solvent waste management service for your printing business to ensure proper solvent processing and disposal at our location.

      Automotive & Heavy Equipment

      Maratek has experience helping Automotive and Heavy Equipment paint and service shops, properly process and recover wastes such as solvents and oils. Our experts can design a pick-up and disposal process that will reclaim valuable chemicals and safely dispose of residuals in our licensed facility. Get in touch for a waste disposal quote.

      Kitchen Cabinetry & Millwork

      Solvent waste generated in furniture finishing processes can be recycled and reused. Maratek provides a full service to the Furniture and Woodworking sector to process and dispose of liquid wastes. No business is too small so contact us for waste drum disposal services.

      Aerospace and Marine

      Transportation industries such as Aerospace and Marine, all generate solvent and oil wastes that need to be properly recycled or disposed of. Maratek offers full service pick-up of waste drums for processing at our facility. Get a quote today.


      Maratek’s environmental consultants are ready to discuss recycling and disposal solutions for hazardous and non-hazardous liquid wastes produced by the Pharmaceutical industry, in manufacturing processes, equipment cleaning, and laboratory wastes.

      Equipment, Products & Supplies

      Maratek is an award-winning industry leader in solvent recycling and recovery. We specialize in the manufacturing of custom and off-the-shelf equipment that can help your organization recover and re-use solvents and save costs. If you are interested in taking solvent recycling into your operation visit our equipment website to learn more.

      We also have solvents available to purchase, recycled at our fully licensed facility and processed to a high quality purity, or contact us about purchasing solvent recovery bags for your recycling operations.

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