Recycling Mineral Spirits

The Benefits of Mineral Spirits Recycling with Maratek Environmental

The use of solvents, like mineral spirits, in industrial processes and manufacturing is quite common. Mineral spirits, also known as white spirits or mineral turpentine, are petroleum-derived solvents commonly used in various industries due to their effectiveness in dissolving oils, greases, and other substances. This versatile solvent serves many purposes, from cleaning surfaces to thinning paints and varnishes. It is an organic colorless liquid that is categorized using different types and grades.

After using mineral spirits some companies may not know what to do with their spent solvent. One solution that companies often choose is disposal. Traditional methods of solvent disposal represent a missed opportunity for resource conservation.

This is where Maratek Environmental steps in, offering a sustainable approach to solvent waste management with solvent recycling and recovery services. Maratek Environmental offers a comprehensive mineral spirit solvent waste recycling program for a variety of industries.

Collection and Transportation

The recycling process begins with running a test sample of your waste to determine if it is suitable for recovery. If your sample can successfully be recycled, Maratek Environmental will develop a comprehensive waste management program for your business, starting with the collection and transportation of waste mineral spirits. Using ministry approved vehicles, trained technicians, high-quality equipment, and efficient coordination, we ensure the safe and effective retrieval of solvent waste from your facility.

Recovery and Purification

Once collected, the spent mineral spirits undergo a process of recovery and purification. Maratek Environmental utilizes advanced distillation and separation techniques to isolate and extract usable solvents from the waste stream. Through this process, contaminants and impurities are removed, resulting in high-quality recycled mineral spirits.

Distillation involves the heating of the waste mineral spirit mixture according to the boiling points. The process begins with adding the waste solvent to the distillation vessel. The distillation vessel is equipped with a thermal oil jacket heated by electric heaters. The solvent vapors begin to be released from the waste solution as it boils. The pure mineral spirit vapor is channeled to an air-cooled condenser, in which the vapor will cool into a liquid state.

Reuse and Resource Conservation

The collected recycled mineral spirits, now free of impurities, are ready for reuse in industrial applications. Maratek Environmental’s solvent recycling services not only provides businesses with a sustainable alternative to disposal, but also contributes to resource conservation by reducing the demand for new petroleum-derived materials. This approach minimizes waste generation and promotes circular economy principles.

Compliance and Environmental Stewardship

Beyond the environmental benefits, partnering with Maratek Environmental ensures compliance with regulatory requirements governing solvent waste management. By entrusting your solvent waste to a reputable recycling service provider, our customers mitigate the risk of non-compliance penalties and demonstrate their commitment to environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility.

Customized Solutions and Continuous Improvement

Maratek Environmental understands that each business has unique solvent waste management needs. Therefore, we offer a variety of solutions to address the specific requirements of our clients. Moreover, our commitment to continuous improvement drives innovation in solvent recycling technologies, ensuring that our services remain at the forefront of environmental sustainability.

Key Benefits

By using Maratek Environmental’s solvent waste recycling services, businesses can unlock numerous benefits:

  • Cost Savings: Recycling waste solvents like mineral spirits can result in cost savings when compared to disposal.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability through responsible waste management practices.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Following environmental regulations is essential for avoiding fines and legal consequences. Maratek Environmental’s expertise ensures that businesses remain compliant with relevant laws and regulations.
  • Resource Conservation: By recycling mineral spirits, businesses contribute to the conservation of natural resources and reduce their reliance on finite petroleum reserves.

Through collaboration with Maratek Environmental, businesses can not only meet their solvent waste management needs but also contribute to a healthier planet for current and future generations. Each business should work to embrace sustainability and harness the power of recycling to build a better world.

Maratek Environmental is an award-winning industry leader in liquid hazardous waste recycling, recovery, and disposal. Maratek Environmental has served industrial manufacturers for over 50 years, assisting with liquid waste management within many different industries. If you would like to begin recycling your solvent waste, contact Maratek Environmental today.