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Maratek Environmental are Licensed Resellers of Quality Recycled Solvent

Recovered solvents for sale.

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We're a market leader in the processing of used waste solvents into high-quality recovered solvents that are available in Canada and across North America.

Solvents which have been recycled are nearly identical to virgin product, allowing you to purchase this solvent and use it as new - but for a fraction of the price. This gives you significant savings in your solvent purchasing.

Each year Maratek Environmental recycles and recovers thousands of drums of industrial solvents. We are therefore in a position to offer you in drums or bulk, high-quality solvents at very good prices.

Here is a comprehensive list of our recovered solvents for sale.

Gun Wash:

Predominantly used in the kitchen cabinetry, coatings, finishing, automotive and manufacturing pain line industries, gun wash is a specially formulated lacquer thinner designed for cleaning spray guns, lacquer painting equipment, and industrial scale paint lines. It is a cost effective solvent as compared to lacquer thinners for its intended purpose. Maratek Environmental proudly offers gun wash which is their number one selling product to the local Ontario market. Companies have come to rely on the high quality and performance that Maratek gunwash has been able to deliver.

Lacquer Thinner:
Lacquer thinners are an essential part of any home painting, kitchen cabinetry, furniture making, and automotive painting process. It’s the solvent that allows for paints of different types of applications to be applied. It is often a slightly colored substance at first, but it dries away clear by the evaporation of a solvent. A lacquer thinner is a chemical solution that breaks or dissolves the chemical properties of varnishes and paints, lacquer, oils, grease, and other strong adhesive material.

MEK is a liquid solvent used in surface coatings, adhesives, printing inks, chemical intermediates, magnetic tapes and lube oil dewaxing agents. MEK also is used as an extraction medium for fats, oils, waxes and resins. It is a highly efficient and versatile solvent for surface coatings. It is typically the choice for industrial applications due to the strength of the solvents cleaning/thinning properties.

Acetone is a good solvent for many plastics and some synthetic fibers. It is used for thinning polyester resin, cleaning tools used with it, and dissolving two-part epoxies and superglue before they harden. It is used as one of the volatile components of some paints and varnishes.

IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol):
IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) is a highly effective, general use cleaning solvent that is used to clean a variety of substrates and remove a variety of substances. It is one of the most versatile solvents used and one of the safest for humans.

Blanket Wash:
Blanket wash is a solvent used by press operators to clean their blankets. All washes are capable of cutting ink, they will cause it to mix with the wash itself and become more viscous in order to be wiped away.

  • Acetone 
  • Acetonitrile 
  • Acetic Acid
  • Denatured Ethanol 
  • DMF 
  • Ethyl Acetate
  • Isoamyl Alcohol 
  • Isobutanol 
  • Isopropanol
  • Isopropyl Acetate 
  • MDC 
  • MeTHF
  • Methanol 
  • Methyl Acetate 
  • Methyl Ethyl Ketone
  • Methyl Formate 
  • Mono Ethylene Glycol 
  • Mono Propylene Glycol
  • MTBE 
  • NMP 
  • Pyridine
  • THF 
  • Thinners 
  • Toluene
  • Xylene