Maratek solvent recovery

Kitchen Cabinetry, Millwork, Coatings and Finishings Industry: How to Efficiently Manage Hazardous Waste and Solvent Recovery

Your painting operations seem to be running smoothly and it has been for many years, if not decades. You are not experiencing too much down time, and production seems to be right on schedule. Your solvent and paint suppliers know what you need, and your hazardous waste management partner knows your schedule like clockwork. 

But have you ever considered taking a look at your entire painting process, and evaluating what you could improve on? The answer more likely is “no”. That’s ok, because most people don’t.

We all get caught up in making sure things are running as they should, and we don’t always have the luxury of revamping our entire process. 

That’s why contacting a professional Hazardous Waste Management company may be a logical solution to help reduce operational costs, and find new efficiencies. 

Companies like Maratek Environmental that provide a diverse portfolio of solutions like Hazardous Waste Management, Solvent Recovery Services, Solvent Products, and Solvent Recovery equipment may be able to help your company find these efficiencies and operational cost savings.

Hazardous Waste Management

Maratek Environmental is quite unique because of its ability to recover solvents from solvent based hazardous waste. 

Typically, solvent based paint waste and solvents such as MEK, Toluene, Xylene, Acetone, IPA, Acetone, Lacquer Thinners, Gun-wash, Line-wash, etc., are aggregated and sent to a kiln to be burned as fuel. 

Maratek Environmental however, takes these types of waste, processes them using Maratek Engineered Solvent Recovery Equipment to produce high-quality recovered solvent that can be used just like virgin solvent. This process allows Maratek to supply the new virgin-like quality recovered solvent to clients, while passing savings on to their Hazardous Waste Management clients. 

Solvent Recovery Services 

This service is not limited to the kitchen cabinetry, millwork, coatings, and finishing industry as most solvents may be reclaimed from solvent based hazardous waste. The printing, packaging, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and any other industries that use solvents may be able to take advantage of this program. 

Maratek Environmental can take most types of solvent-based hazardous waste, process it using Maratek Engineered Solvent Recovery Equipment, and produce high-quality recovered solvent that rivals the quality and performance of virgin solvent.

Solvent Products

With engineering at the core of Maratek Environmental’s capabilities, it was an organic growth into developing Solvent Products. With cost savings in mind, Maratek Environmental wanted to find a way to help their clients save while providing a Maratek Solvent Product that rivals if not equals the performance of virgin solvents. 

This initiative led to the development of Maratek’s in-house line of MaraSolve Solvent Products. Solvents such as Lacquer Thinners, Gunwash, Linewash, MEK, MEK Blends, Acetone, IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol), Blanket Wash, Rubber Rejuvenator, and many more.

Solvent Recovery Equipment

The heart of Maratek Environmental’s business lies in it’s Solvent Recovery Equipment. Backed by years of proven engineering and an entire team dedicated to manufacturing one of the best Solvent Recovery Systems available in the market today, Maratek Environmental is certainly one of the leaders in the industry. 

Efficiency and cost savings come to mind when considering the implementation of a solvent recovery equipment. With available options to have a fully-automated solvent recovery system in-house, kitchen cabinetry, millwork, coatings, and finishing companies can incorporate a seamless operation that can complement their current process. 

This solution would drastically reduce hazardous waste and the frequency of solvent purchasing by keeping everything in house.   

Want to learn more? Maratek is the market leader in solvent recycling and recovery, offering custom solvent recycling and recovery solutions to suit your organization’s specific needs. Contact us today. Our team of experts would love to answer any questions you may have.