Solvent Waste Recycling & Recovery Services

The Industry Leader in Solvent Recycling and Recovery

Maratek is the market leader in solvent recycling and recovery. Our ability to offer custom solvent recycling and recovery solutions to all types of customer needs sets us apart. We help your business to implement more efficient processes and save on costs. We'll help you establish a safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly solution for solvent recovery and solvent recycling.

Environmental and Economic Benefits

If your company uses any kind of solvents such as Gun Wash, Lacquer Thinner, MEK, Acetone, Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA), Varsol, Blanket Wash, Methanol, and Butanol, you could significantly cut your costs through solvent recovery.

The Maratek Environmental solvent recycling and recovery program is designed to help your facility accomplish two major goals:

1. Reducing liquid waste disposal expenses and;
2. Recycling of your liquid solvent waste such as Gun Wash, Lacquer Thinner, MEK, Acetone, Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA), Varsol, Blanket Wash, Methanol, Ethanol, Butanol, and any other solvents.

Solvent recovery equipment can be a costly investment, and immediate savings can be found through our MaraSolve solvent recycling program.

Maratek will pick up your waste solvent and bring it to our liquid recycling facility in Bolton, Ontario. Your solvent is tested, segregated from other companies’ solvents and run as an isolated batch through our solvent distillation technology. The resulting recycled product will be of virgin quality and will be available for purchase at a fraction of the cost of virgin solvent prices.

You’ll save money, improve your environmental stewardship with no additional effort or upfront costs on your part.

The residues from the solvent recycling processes (along with various organic waste) which cannot be economically recycled, are processed by Maratek into liquid fuel products to replace, for example, fossil fuels for cement kilns. We also offer a competitive waste solvent acquisition service to obtain used solvents for recycling. These are then sold back into the world market via a wide range of outlets.


How it Works

Typically paired up with our Hazardous Waste Management services, we provide service to pick up our clients solvent based waste stream. Once the drums/totes of the solvent based waste stream is back at our facility. We place the feedstock which is the solvent based hazardous waste at the primary starting point of our award winning and patented solvent recovery equipment. We set the optimal parameters to run the feedstock based on client requirements. Once operations have started, we monitor continuously to ensure we produce a batch of premium solvent that is nearly indistinguishable from virgin.

Maratek Environmental is a market leader in Hazardous Waste Management and Solvent Recovery helping companies significantly save on operational costs. Our in house team of chemical and production engineers are continually finding ways to improve our solvent recovery technology and as a result provides better quality solvents at a fraction of the cost of virgin. Investing internally allows us to offer a robust range of solutions for any industry. Our forward thinking direction not only helps companies reduce cost, but it also helps to reduce the environmental impact through recycling. 

Maratek Environmental Hazardous Waste Management services deploy ministry approved fleet of vehicles paired with highly trained and experienced technicians that ensure the safe transport and handling of hazardous waste materials.

Maratek is a registered carrier of waste products and is fully certified with all the necessary waste transport documentation. Facilities are bonded and approved by the Government of Ontario. Maratek will take full responsibility for a company’s complete waste management function.

Potential cost savings

Our clients wonder why they didn’t start on our program sooner is usually the reaction we get. Companies see the value immediately considering some can save up to half of their solvent purchasing and hazardous waste management costs. Each company will find different levels of savings but for the most part, companies find it worthwhile to explore.

Industries and the type of solvents recovered:

Printing – Blanket Wash, UV Wash
Packaging - Blanket Wash, UV Wash
Kitchen Cabinetry & Millwork – Gunwash, Lacquer thinner, Acetone, IPA
Finishing & Coatings - Gunwash, Lacquer thinner, MEK
Pharmaceutical – IPA
Manufacturing – Varsol, IPA, MEK, Acetone
Automotive - Gunwash, MEK, Acetone

Reduced environmental footprint

Maratek Environmental’s Solvent Recovery Program allows companies to reduce the amount of waste generated by reusing virgin like quality recovered solvent.

Complimentary solvent recovery trial

The solvent recovery program can be implemented to any operations and taking advantage of our complimentary solvent recovery trial would be a great start. Contact us today to find out. All we typically need is a 20L sample of your solvent based waste stream to process.

The full Maratek line up of Solvent services include the following:

  • Solvent recycling
  • Paint recycling
  • Hazardous liquid waste recycling
  • Hazardous liquid waste recovery
  • Hazardous liquid waste treatment
  • Waste liquid solvent disposal
  • Waste liquid disposal
  • Chemical waste disposal
  • Laboratory waste disposal
  • Hazardous wastes disposal
  • Chemical waste disposal
  • Commercial hazardous waste disposal
  • Industrial hazardous waste disposal

Equipment, Products & Supplies

Maratek is an award-winning industry leader in solvent recycling and recovery. We specialize in the manufacturing of custom and off-the-shelf equipment that can help your organization recover and re-use solvents saving on costs. If you are interested in implementing solvent recycling into your operation visit our equipment website to learn more.

We also have solvents available to purchase, recycled at our fully licensed facility and processed to a high quality purity, or contact us about purchasing solvent recovery bags for your recycling operations.

Recycling Equipment

Buy Solvent Supplies

Recycled Solvents

Solvent Bags

We Recycle a Wide Range of Solvents

On-site recycling reduces solvent purchases by as much as 80%. Here is a list of the solvents that Maratek has successfully recycled:




Aliphatic Bibasic Ester



Amyl Acetate


Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)



Methyl Isobutyl Ketone (MIBK)


Ethyl Acetate

Mineral Spirit


Ethyl Benzene


Butyl Acetate

Ethyl Glycol Acetate


Butyl Alcohol

Sim Ethylene Chloride


Butyl Carbitol



Butyl Cellosolve



Butyl Diglycol

Isobutyl Acetate

Propyl Alcohol

Butyl Glycol

Isobutyl Alcohol

Lacquer Thinner





Isopropyl Acetate



Isopropyl Alcohol



Isopropyl Glycol



Methyl Acetate



Methyl Cellosolve

White Spirit


Methyl Glycol Acetate


If your solvent does not appear on this list, please contact us. It would be a pleasure for our engineers to evaluate your application.

Service Area

Maratek Environmental offers solvent recovery and solvent recycling solutions and services across Ontario and the western parts of Quebec.

Maratek will pick up used solvents for recovery and recycling from the following specific areas included cities such as: 

Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Hull, Windsor, Guelph, Kingston, Brampton, London, Kitchener, Newmarket, Owen Sound, Hamilton, Orillia, Niagara Falls, Chatham, Sarnia, Detroit, Collingwood, Barrie, Midland, Gravenhurst, Mississauga, Fort Erie, Bolton, Peterborough, Kenora, Brockville, Pickering, Ajax, Oshawa, Oakville, Burlington, St Catharines, Scarborough, Markham, Etobicoke, Concord, Vaughan, North York, Richmond Hill, Belleville and many more communities across Ontario!


Liquid Waste Disposal Services

We collect, treat and disposes of liquid solvent waste as well as various industrial waste, hazardous and dangerous waste, bulk products or packaged in containers, drums or bins.

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