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How to Manage Hazardous Waste in Your Manufacturing Operations

Manufacturing operations are usually the busiest and most crucial areas of an industrial production business. Any downtime or slowdowns can be seen as lost revenue, but sometimes it could also be hindering production capacity and profitability.

Lost revenue can be seen by underutilizing real estate for production, inventory, or usable operator space. Therefore, many companies typically schedule a plant shutdown or slow down at least once (or a few times per year) to ensure their facilities are running as lean as possible. 

This could be improvements in retooling equipment, revising scheduling and operational timing, and in our case hazardous waste management

Managing hazardous waste 

Due to the nature of hazardous waste, many are typically unfamiliar with all the regulations and proper handling requirements of these types of materials. 

Many of the industries that Maratek Environmental works with such as the Pharmaceutical, Kitchen Cabinetry, Millwork, Aerospace, Automotive, Coatings, Finishing, Printing, Packaging, and Manufacturing, generate various types of hazardous wastes. Anything from solvent-based, water-based, adhesives, solvent rags, and more. 

We often come across companies reaching out that have stored expired product or hazardous waste, simply because they are unfamiliar in dealing with it. Some companies may have a health and safety coordinator onsite but for the most part, they do not and tend to leave this task aside. 

How can Maratek Environmental help?

Maratek Environmental is more than happy to help guide clients when it comes to how they manage hazardous waste. 

We will provide advice on best practices on how to store hazardous waste safely in your facility. We can arrange for a site visit assessing your current production work flows and understand your entire process as a whole. From there, we will be able to look at areas of improvement if necessary and put together a plan to improve efficiencies in your company’s hazardous waste management. 

While we are known for hazardous waste management, a lot of our clients have come to rely on us for our solvent products and solvent recovery services

These products and services may be able to help reduce the amount of real estate required as solvent ordering can possibly be reduced while utilizing the extra space for production. If your company uses solvents such as acetone, lacquer thinners or blanket wash for example, our solvent products or solvent recovery services can help further reduce your environmental footprint and operational costs. 

We can take solvent based hazardous waste, process it using our solvent recovery system, and produce virgin-like quality solvent at a fraction of the cost of virgin. This ultimately helps our clients save and reduce the amount of waste produced by recycling. 

We can also help set up your facility to operate as lean as possible by providing recurring hazardous waste picks ups to avoid unnecessary collection and storage of hazardous waste over time. By staying on top of everything, your company will be able to provide a safe and clean workspace for employees while mitigating any potential dangers. 

Call us today to see how we may be able to help dispose of any hazardous waste that has been sitting around at your facility, or reach out for a consultation to see how we may be able to help your company run more efficiently and environmentally friendly.