Hazardous Waste HWIN

Hazardous Waste Management: What is HWIN and How do I Register?

Your company is generating hazardous waste and you’ve been asked to register as the company official to improve hazardous waste management. You ask yourself, however, “What is HWIN?”

HWIN, which stands for Hazardous Waste Information Network, allows hazardous waste generators, carriers, and receivers to register activities with the hazardous waste fees by credit or debit card online. 

Any company regardless of size should register with HWIN if they generate hazardous waste. This can be any sort of materials such as waste acids, contaminated sludges, chemicals, waste solvents, waste pesticides, industrial lubricants and oils, etc. 

Hazardous waste requires special handling and should be managed by a licensed Hazardous Waste company like Maratek Environmental. Each type of waste requires special handling with respect to how it is collected, stored, transported, treated, recovered and disposed of to reduce adverse effects to human health and the environment. 

What happens once I register with HWIN?

Once you have registered on HWIN and have obtained your Hazardous Waste generator number, you will be able to work with a licensed professional Hazardous Waste Management company like Maratek Environmental. 

They will be able to give professional advice and guidance on how to properly manage your hazardous waste. 

Some companies like Maratek Environmental may even offer solvent recycling services that allow you to recover solvents that your company is using. This allows your company to save money, and, most importantly, reduce your environmental footprint. By starting your company on a solvent recovery program, you will help reduce hazardous waste that would otherwise be sent to the dump.

Working with a hazardous waste management company

When you start working with a Hazardous Waste Management Company, you should become familiar with the type of hazardous waste your company generates and learn the best way to contain the waste whether that’s in drums, pails, or totes as these are the typical containers Hazardous Waste management companies use. 

Once your hazardous waste has been picked up, the professional Hazardous Waste Management Company will be able to provide you with a manifest that will include all the details of the pickup. 

Details such as type of waste, waste class, and waste volume will be included and associated with your HWIN generator number. These are details the Ministry of the Environment keeps track of to ensure safe and responsible management. Instructions on the back of the manifest will also give you direction on how to file and distribute the different copies you’ll be receiving.  

How can Maratek help?

Maratek Environmental offers full waste disposal and recycling services to all generators of liquid hazardous waste  – such as the printing and ink, manufacturing, automotive, furniture, paint coating and finishing, aerospace and pharmaceutical industries – located throughout Southern Ontario.

For more than 40 years, Maratek has operated an innovative hazardous liquid waste treatment, liquid solvent recycling and disposal facility in Bolton, Ontario, as well as engineered its own innovative solvent recycling equipment. 

Want to learn more about Maratek Environmental or have any questions concerning HWIN? Contact us today. We would love to answer any hazardous waste-related questions that you may have.