Solvent Recovery Equipment

What is Solvent Recovery Equipment, and How Can it Help Your Business?

Solvent recovery is an extraction process where solvents, also known as chemical compounds, are recovered from waste or by-products during a manufacturing process. The solvent recovery systems are implemented into businesses to help maximize their resource usage. 

Solvent recovery systems help companies become more efficient, reliable, and greener. In this blog, we take a look at what solvent recovery equipment is and how it can benefit your business if you use solvents. 

How does solvent recovery work? 

Solvent recovery is an extraction process using distillation. Distillation is when substances are heated or cooled to a certain temperature in order to collect and store. During the distillation process, volatiles are separated from nonvolatile solutions in a solvent. This process helps remove any extra waste or unwanted chemicals in the solution. 

The extraction process can help solutions become more concentrated and result in more efficient end result products. 

Why use solvent recovery?

The three main benefits of solvent recovery are reducing operating costs, abiding regulations, and becoming more environment friendly. By using solvent recovery systems, companies will be able to cut down on costs by reducing purchases of solvents, minimizing storage space for solvents, and decreasing waste disposal costs. 

Solvent recovery also helps companies abide by the regulations of hazardous waste. Hazardous waste has strict regulations created by the government in order to help maintain and preserve the environment from these harmful toxins. Improper hazardous waste disposal can lead to major fines which can set back companies trying to move forward. Through using solvent recovery, companies will reduce the risk and amount of waste that is being disposed of in the environment. 

Finally, solvent recovery equipment helps companies become more environmentally friendly. The biggest benefit of solvent recovery is it helps companies reduce hazardous waste which ultimately will help the environment be preserved and maintained. Solvent recovery also helps companies become greener through reducing emissions and having minimal impact on surrounding communities. 

Maratek Environmental’s solvent recovery equipment

Maratek Environmental has been an extraction solutions partner since 1967, helping companies engineer world-class solvent recovery equipment. Maratek offers a wide variety of solvent recovery equipment, as well as other beneficial programs that assist companies in becoming more efficient, cheaper, and greener. 

Maratek’s solvent recovery equipment has been proven to recycle up to 95 percent of solvents and have customer’s recover their costs within a year! 

Below listed are some solvent recovery equipment designed by our world class engineers which have satisfied our customers for over 50 years!

Solvent Saver Batch

  • Available in 8, 16, 32, 48, 64 gallon sizes
  • Recycles 8-64 Gallons a day of solvents
  • Safety features and temperature controls through sensors and automation
  • Minimal operator intervention
  • Electric heating with thermal oil using a thermal oil jacket
  • Optional features include stainless steel condenser, vacuum assistance, water/solvent separator, and more!

Solvent Saver Batch Premium

  • Available in 16, 32, 55, 75, 110 gallon sizes
  • Recycle up to 750 gallons a day
  • Autofill
  • Stainless steel condenser
  • Ethernet PLC for remote access, control, and troubleshooting
  • Optional features include anti-spill sensors, dual container filling and collection, and more!

Solvent Saver Continuous

  • Recycle up to 7000 gallons a day with 5-100+ gallons recovered hourly without an operator
  • Automatic filling, clean solvent discharge, and waste sludge discharge 
  • 2 sight glasses
  • Anti-spill sensors
  • Remote ethernet or Wi-Fi PLC access
  • Electric heating thermal jacket
  • Safety features and temperature controls
  • Optional features include dual automatic filling and container collection, oil cooling, purge box, internal scraper, automatic sludge pump out, and more!

Solvent Saver Printing

  • Available in 8, 16, 32, 75, 110 gallon sizes
  • Designed for different outputs
  • Fully automatic
  • PLC Controller with color LCD touchscreen
  • Multi-stage vacuum distillation process
  • Optional features include oil cooling, cellular access, post solvent blending, activated carbon filter, and more!

Solvent Saver Engineered

  • Custom Builds and Implementations
  • Assistance from Maratek’s world class engineers
  • Engineering expertise and unit types include fractional columns, steam heat, heat integration, fabrication, installation and services
  • Provided setup and installations by Maratek’s technicians

Share the Savings Program

Maratek offers a cost saving program for companies called “Share the Savings”. This program is designed for companies who are not willing to fully invest in our world-class solvent recovery equipment. 

Share the savings is a rental program where companies have the opportunity to rent our equipment from our solvent saver series. The process includes no risk, no capital expenses, and no money down. 

Share the savings program will save companies over 50 percent on solvent purchases and waste disposals. Share the savings program also includes setup and installation assistance from Maratek’s technicians to help meet your standards.

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