What is Propyl Acetate?

What is Propyl Acetate? Everything You Need to Know

Propyl acetate, also known as propyl ethanoate, is an organic compound that is frequently used as a solvent. Over 20,000 tons are produced annually across the world, with over millions of people using it.

Propyl acetate is one of the more unique organic compounds as its unique properties allow it to be used in multiple industries worldwide. The most popular usage of propyl acetate is as a solvent for cellulose esters, resins, and even plastics. 

Other uses of propyl acetate include its usage as a flavoring agent or an ingredient in perfume or cologne. This is because its characteristic odor makes it a commodity for the fragrances industry. 

Propyl acetate can also be found in the development of pharmaceutical medications as well as certain self-care products like hairspray, nail care products, and cosmetics. Finally, propyl acetate can be found in printing inks as well as wood lacquers. 

Why use propyl acetate as a solvent?

Propyl acetate is known to be used as a solvent for many industries worldwide. However, propyl acetate is most commonly used as a solvent in the painting and coatings industry. This is because the chemical properties of propyl acetate allow the organic compound to easily thin other organic compounds. 

Propyl acetate is also effective at dissolving a wide range of resins, which is why it is used in many industries worldwide.

Propyl acetate in the future

The ability to effectively dissolve and thin out other organic compounds make propyl acetate a popular solvent to use as it is relatively affordable, effective, and reliable. The increase in production of end products made out of wood, steel, and aluminum have caused the demand for propyl acetate to increase over the years. 

With the global population continuing to increase, this trend of increased end products will continue over the next couple of years and therefore increase the value of supply of propyl acetate. 

How does propyl acetate affect the average consumer?

Propyl acetate has an impact on not just the manufacturing industry, but the average consumers as well. As mentioned earlier, propyl acetate is found in almost every industry worldwide, and thus has an effect on the products that consumers use every day. 

If there ever was overallocation of the use of propyl acetate, many manufactures would have to look at alternatives that would not be as effective. Thus, resulting in unreliable necessity products that consumers rely on every day. 

What is Maratek Environmental doing with propyl acetate

Maratek Environmental is an extraction solutions partner that helps companies and consumers not only save on costs, but become greener as a company. 

Maratek offers a wide variety of services including engineering solvent recovery systems, waste disposal services, and providing virgin solvents. As part of Maratek’s solvent recovery systems, Maratek offers to help companies recover solvents like propyl acetate from their everyday manufacturing using our solvent saver series collection. 

The solvent saver series collection helps companies cut down on purchasing costs by maximizing the usage of solvents while also helping the environment. Maratek’s solvent saver series is a collection of recovery systems that can recover up to 95 percent of almost any solvent including propyl acetate. These solvent saver series come in different sizes which range anywhere from 8 to 64 gallons. The solvent saver series collection also includes a full automation system that allows for ease of operation without touching a button. 

Share the savings!

Maratek is also offering a program called “share the savings” where companies have the option to rent our equipment and split the recovered solvents. This program involves no money down, no risk, and no capital threats to allow companies to have a “free trial” of some of our world class leading engineer products. Start to save at least 50% on all solvent expenses! Interested in learning more? Contact our team today.