We Buy Silver For Our Silver Refinery – We Also Recycle Silver and Recover Silver

Dealing directly with a silver refinery like Maratek, gets you a better price for your silver – We just pay more for silver and therefore we want to buy more silver!

Maratek Environmental is one of Canada`s top silver refiners and when you sell silver directly to us you`re eliminating the middlemen … and sometimes there are lots of them! Therefore there is no retail cut, or wholesaler cut … they actually send their silver to us as we are the refinery!

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We process many different forms of silver and our refinery melts it down into silver bars.

Our number one priority in buying and processing silver is customer satisfaction.

In the business of silver refining, silver recycling and silver recovery, a good reputation is more important than profits, which is why we work hard to establish a trusting relationship with each and every one of our valued customers.

Each payment we issue to our customers is different. Not only does the daily spot price of silver change according to the markets, but it also depends on the contents of the silver you send us. Many variables come into play. Weight, metal type, purity, etc… 

We purchase just about any type silver in any condition as long as it is real silver. except EPNS – Electroplated Nickel Silver as the silver content to waste ratio can be too high and sometimes we cannot extract all the silver profitably.

Bulk Silver Scrap

We love buying bulk lots of silver.  It makes the transaction fees and costs better for all of us and we all come out ahead.  Some of our best customers send us large amounts of scrap jewellery or even sterling tea sets that we will gladly process.

We offer extremely competitive pricing for your scrap silver, bulk silver items and old unwanted silver jewellery and silver cutlery.  We`re very confident you`ll be happy with your payout.

If for any reason you are unhappy with the amount you receive for your precious metals, simply call our toll-free number and we will sort it out for you.

You can contact us at our toll-free number and request a verbal quote or contact us for any other silver processing, silver refinery, silver recycling or silver recovery questions you may have.

About Maratek Environmental Silver Refinery

Maratek buys all forms of silver coins, silver jewelery, silver film, silver x-rays and many other silver materials for recycling and silver recovery.  Maratek processes and refines a wide variety of silver bearing materials. Silver is refined to a purity of 99.9% which is subsequently used in alloys or the production of silver bars.

Recovered silver metal is returned to the customer in bars, alloys or is purchased outright by Maratek.

Our silver refining and silver recycling services have competitive pricing and we give prompt payment terms for your silver waste and unwanted silver products that might need silver recovery or silver recycling.