Need To Dispose Of Any Hazardous Waste Materials Such As Solvents?

Do you use solvents in your facility, or dispose of any hazardous waste materials?

hazardous waste disposal and solvent recycling

Maratek Environmental is a fully licensed hazardous waste hauler, who also operate a state-of-art Solvent Recycling Plant out of Bolton, Ontario, just north of Toronto.

We provide product disposal and recycling services for hundreds of manufacturing industries and commercial customers, right across Ontario.

Our premium blends in solvents include Blanket Washes, Gun Washes, Thinners, IPA, MEK and Acetone.

Do you have a solvent stream which you currently dispose of?

Why continue to throw money down the drain?

Let us recycle your solvent waste.  You can send us a sample of your solvent waste so we can prove to you how well the solvent can work for you after it has been recycled.

Maratek’s core competence lies in our ability to provide you with cradle to grave waste and solvent services and solutions.  We are also a worldwide leader in the engineering and manufacture of solvent recycling equipment as we have Omega and Maratek branded equipment operating in Russia, South Africa, South America and across North America.

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Thank you for considering Maratek Environmental.

We look forward to becoming your trusted partner in environmentally friendly solvent and waste solutions!

Yours truly,

Colin Darcel
President and CEO
Maratek Environmental Inc

PS. We’d like to share our customer feedback with you. Customer case studies from Aerospace, Manufacturing, Printing & Ink, and Automotive can be viewed here.