Learn About N-Propanol

Learn About N-Propanol

What is N-Propanol?

N-propanol also known as propane-1-ol or propyl alcohol is an organic compound that is used primarily as a solvent. The flash point of n-propanol ranges anywhere from 53-77° F and an autoignition temperature around 700°F. 

Where is N-Propanol Found?

N-propanol is a popular solvent for manufacturers and other industries as its unique chemical properties, affordability, and accessibility make it a popular commodity. N-propanol can be found in many end user markets like cosmetics, motors, cleaning, coatings, printing, and chemical industries.  N-propanol is not only limited to these end user markets but others as well including pharmaceutical, food additive, and more. N-propanol can be found in almost every single industry and end market making it one of the most popular solvents.

How is N-Propanol Made?

 N-propanol is made during the catalytic hydrogenation process of propionaldehyde. During the process of making propionaldehyde, the oxo process is used by hydroformylation of ethylene using carbon monoxide and hydrogen in the presence of a catalyst. 

In simple terms, N-propanol is found through the fermentation process. The fermentation process is a metabolic process in which an organism converts a carbohydrate into an alcohol or acid. During this fermentation process little amounts of n-propanol are produced which then are collected and stored.

Why is N-Propanol Effective in the Automotive Industry?

N-propanol is one of the most effective solvents worldwide in the manufacturing industry as its unique chemical properties allow it to be easily managed, transformed, and efficient. N-propanol contains a high carbon structure which allows the chemical compound to have a higher calorific value. Calorific values are important in some industries such as the automotive industry as a high calorific value can result in more effective end products. For example, a high calorific value in the automotive industry translates to a higher efficiency rate and quality of the engine. 

The high carbon structure of N-propanol also allows the chemical compound to contain a high cetane number. A cetane number is used to indicate the combustion speed of fuel diesel. A high cetane number will translate into shorter ignition delays. A short ignition delay is important as the shorter the ignition delay, the more complete a combustion will be which will result in an increase of efficiency and effectiveness. 

Why is N-Propanol Effective as a Solvent?

N-propanol as mentioned earlier is one of the most diverse solvents used worldwide in many industries. Its high carbon structure allows it to be useful in the automotive industry and its properties acting as an alcohol can be useful as a solvent for other industries.  Alcohol is used most commonly because of its miscibility with other polar solvents. Miscibility allows compounds to easily mix together to create one entity. Miscibility is important in the manufacturing of certain chemicals as it will create a more concentrated end product. 

N-propanol is effective for safety and health reasons as well as it is a less corrosive solvent compared to other alternatives. A high corrosive solvent can be dangerous to operate with as if contact is made it can be very harmful to the operator. However, operators should still understand that n-propanol can still be dangerous like other solvents as it is flammable and explosive.

How Does Maratek Help N-Propanol Users?

Maratek is an extraction solutions partner that helps other companies maximize their solvent usage while also becoming greener as a company. Maratek provides solvent recycling services that help companies recover solvents to maximize their resource usage, cut down on purchasing costs, and limit waste removal costs. Maratek also provides companies with virgin solvents in the highest of grades.

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