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How To Manage Your Solvent Waste

If hazardous solvent waste isn’t properly managed it will have a negative impact on your business’s bottom line. By implementing a clearly communicated solvent management plan, you will be able to cut costs and improve solvent handling efficiencies.

Here are three steps you can implement to better manage your hazardous solvent waste, which will result in reduced costs and a safer employee work environment. 

1 – Make all your company employees aware of your solvent use and train solvent users.

2 – Use solvents efficiently to save money.

3 – Create a solvent management plan.

1 – Make all your company employees aware of your solvent usage and train solvent users

To create a solvent management plan that is going to be successful, you will need to have the support from everyone in your business. That means all of your employees – from those on the front line to your management team. Everyone should know that your company handles hazardous solvents and they should all know that your business has a responsible solvent safety management plan – based on proper health and safety best practices.

Your front line staff members who are handling solvents are even more important, and it’s essential they are trained in every aspect of solvent management. 

These employees should be trained in:

  • How to use solvent-related equipment.
  • How to handle, store, use and clean up solvent, solvent-based materials and solvent waste.
  • Health and safety protocols.
  • Solvent waste management.

Employees who understand solvents, their risks and who are trained properly will be able to improve cost savings for your business, understand the environmental impact of solvents, improve health and safety measures in the workplace and, most importantly, contribute to the profitability of your company. 

2 – Use solvents efficiently to save money

Solvents can be very expensive and using large amounts can become a significant business expense.

Step one above was all about communicating your solvent usage across the entire company so everyone knows your solvent usage and that you are managing solvents responsibly, and properly training your staff who use solvents. 

Now that your staff are trained, the next best practice should come naturally to your company – ensuring that you only buy the quantity of solvents you need and then using them as efficiently as possible so that you save money.

One of the best ways to ensure the most efficient use of your solvents is to recover and recycle your solvents by using an in-house solvent recycling unit, such as the equipment manufactured by Maratek Environmental. Depending if you purchase or lease the equipment you will be able to lower your solvent costs by up to 95 percent.

Through the purchase of solvent waste recycling equipment your company will be set up for long-term savings, but you can also save money immediately by renting solvent waste recycling equipment.

We can also take your solvent-based hazardous waste, process it using our solvent recovery system, and produce virgin-like quality solvent at a fraction of the cost of new virgin solvent. This ultimately helps you to save and reduce the amount of solvent waste produced by recycling it over and over again.

Another option is that we can help set up your solvent management facility to operate as lean as possible by providing recurring hazardous solvent waste picks-ups to avoid unnecessary collection and storage of hazardous waste over time. By staying on top of everything, your company will be able to provide a safe and clean workspace for employees while mitigating any potential dangers. 

3 – Create a solvent management plan

Finally, to manage your solvents successfully, it’s critical that your business implements an effective solvent management plan. 

Appoint someone to be responsible for the management of your solvent, including how your business can reduce and manage solvent waste.

Other things to consider in your solvent management plan would include:

  • Make an inventory of solvent stock levels and review your purchasing processes.
  • Consider ways of reducing solvent use and waste.
  • Consider using alternatives to solvents.
  • Prepare and implement an action plan to reduce solvent use, with objectives and measurable targets.
  • Report on your solvent savings regularly.
  • Add the solvent management plan to your overall operations plan and revisit it regularly to make sure it conforms with environment standard and solvent management best practices.

Once this program has been implemented, you should then set up a way to analyze and evaluate your solvent management plan regularly. This will ensure that your plan works effectively, and that you are constantly meeting, and improving, your goals.Is your company looking to save money and improve the efficiencies of your solvent waste management? Contact Maratek Environmental today to learn more about how we can help you.