Hazardous Waste 101

Hazardous Waste 101: Everything You Need to Know About Hazardous Waste

There are developments in place for hazardous waste recycling regulations to promote the reuse and reclamation of useful materials in a manner that is safe and protective of human health and the environment. 

So, how is recycled waste defined? Hazardous waste is recycled if it is used, reused, or reclaimed. A hazardous secondary material is recycled if it is employed or reused (for example, as an ingredient in a process), reclaimed, or utilized in specific ways, including disposal and energy recovery. 

If a substance is processed to recover a usable product or regenerated, it is referred to as reclaimed (regeneration of spent solvents). A material is used or reused if it is used as an ingredient in an industrial process to generate a product (for example, distillation bottoms from one process are used as feedstock in another process) or if it is used as a good substitute for a commercial product (spent pickle liquor used as a sludge conditioner in wastewater treatment). 

How to Dispose Your Hazardous Waste in Toronto.

Hazardous waste reuse, recycling, and reclamation can help avoid environmental hazards, protect scarce natural resources, reduce the nation’s reliance on raw materials and energy, and provide economic benefits for businesses.

What is the process and handling of hazardous waste?

When a company has accumulated enough hazardous waste for disposal or recycling for repurposing, there is an extensive but easy process from start to finish where it is unusable to being resold and reused. 

When packaging hazardous waste for transportation some multiple regulations and rules must be followed when there is the intention to transport. It is easy to find out what your local regulations are simply by contacting your local fire marshall, who may be able to help guide your operations with compliance and establish processes that are up to code. 

When storing hazardous material, of any size, they should be concealed within leakproof containers to contain and limit the chances of spillage. These containers should be placed on spill trays within the facility to further reduce opportunities for hazardous waste to contaminate the surrounding area. 

When a pickup is scheduled, both parties are liable before and during pickup so there is an extensive inspection by the driver and said company before anything can be put in motion. With this inspection, manifests are created to identify the product. 

This manifest includes what the product is, how much, what grade, and other determining factors. This comes in handy when truckloads are inspected by the Ministry of Transportation so it is a quick and seamless process for them to know what the product is, how much of it there is and where it is going to ensure a safe trip. 

When it arrives at our facility, here at Maratek Environmental, it goes through the necessary process for what the intentions were for the product whether it needs to be disposed properly and safely or recycled and repurposed for future use to another, or the same, customer at a discount compared to virgin solvent. 

Through the entire process, we lookout for our customers best interest with the utmost responsibility, care, and safety to make sure these solvents and wastes are taken care of properly for the sake of our environment and clientele all over the country. 

How your business can benefit from hazardous waste recycling or disposal

When it comes to hazardous waste management that involves multiple steps of treatment, disposal, or recycling of different types of waste streams from many different industries, there is an environmental and financial benefit for both the consumer and servicer when involved. 

Effective public policies have made it possible to be a part of these operations within a safe environment to generate financial and environmental responsibility for both parties, instead of purchasing and wasting virgin solvent time and time again. 

Clients can see savings up to 80% when purchasing and using recycled and repurposed solvent that has the same effective, and efficient, process as virgin oil. With this purchase, both Maratek Environmental and the client are limiting our environmental footprint with socially corporate responsibilities in mind. 
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