Furniture and Cabinetry

Industry Solutions: Kitchen, Furniture and Woodworking

We provide Kitchen, Furniture and Woodworking industries with the recycling equipment needed to not only reduce waste, but save money! 

Solvent waste generated in furniture finishing processes can be recycled and reused using maratek products. 

Did you know that on-site recycling could reduce your solvent purchases by as much as 95%, as well as dramatically reduce your hazardous waste?  

For most models, we offer simple contract-free rental programs with no upfront costs, so you can start saving money immediately. 

The following Solvent Saver equipment models can help you easily recover your chemical wastes back into reusable solvents:


For simple batch solvent recycling, run one cycle at a time (8-55 gallons per cycle)


For automatic solvent recycling, run continuously for a set time period (5-50 gallons per hour)


Fully engineered recycling systems, runs automatically and fully customizable.

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